Spring is finally here and it’s as beautiful as ever! Everything is coming to life and thousands of cherry trees are bursting with lovely pink blossoms all around Seattle. The first sakura trees arrived to Seattle on May 8, 1976. Japan’s former Prime Minister, Takeo Miki, gifted the city a thousand sakura trees in commemoration of the long friendship between the people of Japan and Washington. Now, they can be found all around Seattle and beyond, blossoming from late March through early April. In Japanese, cherry blossom (flower) viewing is called “Hanami”. It is an annual celebration of Sakura and is a reminder to ponder, admire, and celebrate life. I think that’s beautiful. Every year, Seattle holds a Cherry Blossom & Cultural Festival to celebrate Japanese and Japanese-American culture. To learn more about it, visit cherryblossomfest.org.

Without further ado, here’s a list of the best cherry blossom locations in Seattle and beyond.

1. Seward Park

This location is my absolute favorite. Here you can find trees that bloom in late March, as well as early to mid April.

2. University of Washington

This one is probably the most well known location for cherry blossom viewing for obvious reasons. I would recommend coming here on weekdays & early mornings to avoid the crowds.

3. Pike Place Market

This cherry blossom street right across from Pike Place Market took me by surprise last year. It’s absolutely stunning and is worth checking out even on a gloomy day.

4. Don Armeni Boat Ramp

This single cherry tree blooms pretty early and is located at the Don Armeni Boat Ramp. It’s a good spot to admire the Seattle skyline under these beautiful blossoms.

5. Green River Trail by Riverfront Park

This part of the Green River Trail is absolutely stunning and is already in full bloom (mid-late March). You won’t regret coming here for a walk or a run on a beautiful spring day. Finding it is a little tricky but you should park somewhere near the Meeker Bridge, either by Old Fishing Hole Park or across the road right next to the bridge. Get on the bridge to cross it and you’ll see the blooming trees right away!

6. Green Lake Park

These are late bloomers (early to mid April) and have plenty of open grass areas to sit and enjoy the lovely sakuras.

7. Luther Burbank Park

I’m really not sure what kind of blossoms are these but they’re beautiful and are definitely worth a visit. Preferably for sunrise or sunset. 🙂

8. 12th Ave NE & NE 55th St, Seattle

Coordinates: (47.6689971, -122.3151883)

To locate the area easily, simply copy the coordinates and paste them into Google Maps. You’ll spot the trees immediately. Since it’s just a street, there’s no address to provide. Please note that this is a residential area in Seattle, and if you decide to visit, kindly be respectful and considerate of the residents.

9. Washington State Capitol

Last year, I accidentally discovered that the streets of Olympia, especially around Washington State Capitol, are incredibly beautiful and filled with these gorgeous cherry blossoms.

10. Madrona Park

This beautiful cherry tree is located in Madrona Park and perfectly frames the view of Bellevue skyline across the Lake Washington.

11. Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park

This location has only a few trees but they are very uniquely beautiful and I would highly recommend checking them out.

12. Ferdinand Street Boat Launch

Perfect cherry blossom tree for a picnic. This is a sunrise side so I would recommend coming here in the morning.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my list of cherry blossom locations in Seattle and beyond. As I continue exploring more locations this spring and future springs to come, I will make sure to keep adding them to this list.