Best Fall Weekend Getaway in Washington (10/3/2021) Posted in: Central Cascades, Destinations, Hikes, USA Weekend cabin getaways are good for the soul. It's a perfect way to recharge and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Here's one of my favorite fall cabin stays: PERSIS PERCH by TREE LINE RENTALS Continue Reading
Best Spring Hikes in Washington (5/14/2021) Posted in: Blog, Hikes, Washington Spring hiking season is here! The snow is finally melting, the waterfalls are raging, and many trails are blooming with gorgeous wildflowers. Nonetheless, springtime hiking can be a little tricky. Even though it may be sunny in city, there's still… Continue Reading
Seward Park, Seattle, Cherry Blossoms Best Cherry Blossom Locations in Seattle and Beyond (3/24/2021) Posted in: Blog, Destinations, Hikes, North America, Travel, USA Spring is finally here and it's as beautiful as ever! Everything is coming to life and thousands of cherry trees are bursting with lovely pink blossoms all around Seattle. The first sakura trees arrived to Seattle on May 8, 1976.… Continue Reading
Mount McCausland Mount McCausland (10/8/2019) Posted in: Central Cascades, Hikes, USA, Washington Absolutely gorgeous fall hike in the Central Cascades. The trail is quite steady and easy up until the last half a mile. It only took us about 3.5 hours round trip so it's a great half day hike! 7 miles,… Continue Reading
Lake Ingalls (9/18/2019) Posted in: Hikes, Snoqualmie Region, USA, Washington You simply HAVE to hike this trail when the larches are out. You can try to make it out there before the snowshoeing season begins but as for me, it's even more magical with snow. 9.0 miles, roundtripSnoqualmie RegionCo-ordinates: 47.4367, -120.9372 MORE… Continue Reading
Minotaur Lake (9/18/2019) Posted in: Central Cascades, Hikes, USA, Washington Love this hike! While it's short, the trail is pretty steep so come prepared. 3.5 miles, roundtripCentral Cascades AreaCo-ordinates: 47.8278, -121.0297 MORE INFORMATION ON WTA Continue Reading
Goat Lake, WA (9/18/2019) Posted in: Hikes, North Cascades, USA, Washington Gorgeous day hike! It might seem a little long but the elevation isn't too bad so it's quite doable and pretty enjoyable. 10.4 miles, roundtripNorth Cascades AreaCo-ordinates: 48.0537, -121.4113 MORE INFORMATION ON WTA Continue Reading
Summit Lake, WA (9/18/2019) Posted in: Hikes, Mount Rainier Area, USA, Washington Beautiful day hike with stunning view of Mount Rainier! Mount Rainier Area 6.1 miles, roundtripCo-ordinates: 47.0319, -121.8269 MORE INFORMATION ON WTA Continue Reading
Maple Pass Loop, Wa Best Fall Hikes in Washington (9/17/2019) Posted in: Blog, Hikes My favorite time of the year is here! When I was little, my favorite season was summer. But as I grew up, moved to Washington State, and summer break wasn't a thing anymore, I fell in love with fall. I… Continue Reading
Blue Lake (9/17/2019) Posted in: Hikes This hike is a perfect day-trip escape into the beauty of North Cascades National Park. First stop - Lake Diablo Overlook. Second stop - Blue Lake Hike. Last stop before heading back home - Washington Pass Overlook. North Cascades 4.4… Continue Reading
Maple Pass Loop Hike (9/17/2019) Posted in: Hikes One of my all-time favorite fall hikes in Washington State! 7 miles, roundtripNorth Cascades AreaCoordinates: 48.5162, -120.7354 MORE INFORMATION ON WTA Continue Reading
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