One of my favorite vacation destinations during winter time is Quintana Roo, Mexico. From Cancun to Playa del Carmen to Tulum – the stunning Yucatan Peninsula has so much to offer. It never gets old.

While 2020 has been a tough year for travel, this part of Mexico stayed safely open for visitors throughout the pandemic at limited capacity. All of the resorts, public spaces, rentals, and the airports have implemented countless safety measures to keep the hospitality staff and the visitors safe, healthy, and happy during these unprecedented times.

In this region, all-inclusive resorts seem to be the most popular choice for a vacation, but there are many other options to consider if you prefer a more isolated, safe, and socially-distanced getaway.

Paseo Del Sol, Bric Rentals

My family and I chose to stay at a beautiful condo with Bric Vacation Rentals in the gated, secure community of Playacar. Paseo Del Sol is a family friendly all-suites resort conveniently located only a ten minute walk to the beach and a fifteen minute walk to the famous 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen. In this blog post, I will be sharing everything you need to know about this perfectly safe socially-distanced getaway in Playa del Carmen.

I would definitely recommend having a car rental to be able to get around quickly, conveniently, and explore the region in a more socially-dinstanced manner than taxis and shuttles. My husband and I rented the car with a local company – Yes Rent a Car. There were no hidden fees and no issues picking up or returning our rental.

The Security Checkpoint in Playacar

Getting into the PlayaCar community might seem a little strange at first and maybe even time consuming because you have to check in at the security checkpoint on your way in and out. Every time you drive in and out you need to tell the security personnel where you’re going, give them your ID, get a number, and open your trunk. On the way out of the gated community you need to open your trunk, giver them the number to pick up your ID. Some knowledge of Spanish is highly recommended. To pass through the security checkpoint, everyone in the car or walking through the gate has must wear a mask.

Paseo del Sol Amenities

Paseo del Sol condos have everything you might need for a comfortable stay at the condo with your friends and family. They have a fully functioning kitchen, a washer and dryer, towels, and even access to the rooftop with a view, benches, a grill, and plenty of space to hang out. The pool is huge, beautiful, and never crowded. The AC and WIFI are included and work flawlessly. The staff is kind and super friendly. It is, however, important keep in mind that every condo in this complex is slightly different. All of them have different views and even different amenities. For instance, the condo that my brother’s family stayed stayed at had beach chairs and umbrella that were able to take with them to the beach while the condo I stayed with my parents didn’t. And vice versa. Our condo had some items available that my brother’s didn’t.

Access To The Beach

Getting to the beach from Paseo del Sol might be a little tricky at first if you don’t know the area or don’t speak Spanish well enough to ask the staff. So, here are the instructions that we followed to access the beach that were kindly shared with us by one of the members of Bric Vacation Rentals:

The beach access is a 10 minute walk north (left from the lobby) towards town and 10th Avenue. Just before the main gated entrance and security for Playacar, you will see a jungle path to your right (when you are walking north from Paseo) leading to the beach. There are usually a few bikes at the beginning of this path and a bike stand to hold multiple bikes. Follow the path for about 1-2 minutes. You can go straight and there are mini ruins on your left. Just keep walking 1 and a half blocks down to the beach (south). It’s a scenic walk and sounds a bit complicated, but after walking the route once, it’ll be no problem. You can also walk another 5 minutes through the security gate of Playacar and access the beach through Senor Frogs at the south end of the city near the ferry terminal.

Things To Do Nearby

First things first, there’s a great coffee shop within walking distance from Paseo del Sol that we frequented every other day. The name is Marley Coffee and it is located on the first floor of The Fives Downtown Hotel. There are plenty of coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets, SPAs, shopping centres, and everything you could possibly need to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Most of the time we would just stop in places that would grab our attention on our walks and we were very rarely disappointed. There’s also a ferry terminal within a 15-20 minute walk of the condo that can take you on a day trip or a weekend trip to the beautiful island of Cozumel.