Summers in Washington are the absolute best. My (and hundreds of other PNW residents’) favorite summer activity is hiking. I especially love hiking super early in the morning to catch a sunrise or later in the day to enjoy the sunset. Nothing beats the beautiful alpenglow, the peaceful solitude, and the golden hour in the mountains. One of my favorite sunset locations in the mountains is Sun Top lookout. It’s really easy to get to and the trail is pretty short, which makes it the perfect sunset spot in the mountains.

I have a few very important rules when it comes to hiking. My number one rule is: always be comfortable. That includes apparel and footwear. This is why I always bring extra layers of clothing and I always have the most comfortable footwear. Until this year, I’ve only hiked in hiking boots. But this summer has been extra hot in Washington and I have decided to give sport sandals a go. And let me tell you, I sure wasn’t disappointed. It’s so nice to be able to hike comfortably and enjoy the outdoors while letting your feet breathe and looking cute. I picked Viakix because of their impeccable quality and their partnership with Soles4Souls to help those who are less fortunate. Below, you can get a pair of my the amazing Viakix sandals with 10% off. In photos, I’m wearing The Siena Sport Sandals in beige.

Hope you get a chance to check out Sun Top Lookout sometime this summer and will order yourself a pair (or two) of Viakix Sandals to enjoy your adventure comfortably!