If you love to travel, you’re likely also a huge fan of weekend getaways. Lucky for us, Washington state offers a plethora of relaxing and scenic options for all kinds of getaways. From a relaxing retreat on an island to a cosy cabin in the mountains to unique natural hot springs – we have no shortage of destinations to choose from. Escaping somewhere on a weekend is one of my favorite ways to recharge when life gets a little too hectic. And since my getaways happen pretty often, I would like to share some of my past experiences with you.

The first getaway I’m going to share with you is from a couple of weeks ago at the Paradise Village Hotel & Restaurant. It’s located in the town of Ashford, only a few miles away from Mount Rainier National Park.

Paradise Village Hotel & Restaurant

Paradise Village is newly owned and operated by a lovely Ukrainian family. They have owned the property for only two years and have done a wonderful job with remodeling of the property and the design of the rooms. All of the rooms are equipped with WIFI, comfy beds, coffee makers, TVs and other basic necessities that make for a good relaxing getaway.

However, if you don’t end up staying here, make sure to one day stop by the bakery and/or the restaurant on your way to, or back from, Mount Rainier National Park. The food at the restaurant is absolutely delicious and the pastries and crepes are to die for.

Finally, if the cozy accommodations and delicious food don’t appeal to you, check out this awesome, unique, custom-made hot tub and the little sauna. You can reserve it for a day or an evening soak during your stay at the Paradise Village hotel. I can only image how magical this place looks with a few layers of fresh snow.

Outside of soaking in the hot tub, watching movies, and eating large amounts of delicious food and pastries, you should explore the surrounding areas. Specifically, the incredible trails, waterfalls and viewpoints of the Mount Rainier National Park. There are so many different destinations to pick from! However, you’ll have to keep in mind the weather and road conditions at the time of your visit. You can check the most accurate Road Status and Weather Conditions by visiting the NPS website.

Mount Rainier National Park

The day we drove up to Henry M. Jackson Visitor Center, the weather was cold, windy, and gloomy. Therefore, we decided to settle for a short walk to Myrtle Falls.

Other easy access destinations and attractions to consider in the Paradise area are: Narada Falls, Reflection Lakes, Christine Falls Bridge, Nisqually Vista, and Pinnacle Saddle.

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